The new escape room in Duesseldorf

Portalstation is a brandnew provider for room escape games in Duesseldorf. Experience real adventures with a group of friends or colleagues in our unique rooms. Can you work together to solve all puzzles and complete the final task?

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As a teambuilding event or a company party,

live adventure games are fun and bring people together. Solve exciting puzzles as a team and escape before the portal closes again.Text or call us directly. Our goal is to make every event a success. Thus, we are happy to advise you personally and gladly fulfill special wishes.

Solve puzzles with friends and family.

Fun and brain training are a wonderful combination! All our puzzles are part of a storyline and fit into the narrative. If you want to solve creative tasks and do more than looking for items, you have found the right place.

There is always something to celebrate!

Make your party special and start it off by traveling to a mysterious and unexplored world. A live adventure game is the perfect start for an unforgettable day.

Our room

A portal to a unexplored parallel world has been opened. At the last attempt to explore it a mistake happened – the portal gem got lost. Both worlds are in danger now! Only the portal gem can control the portal. The portal is becoming more unstable and the worlds are starting to merge. Your task is to find out what happened and bring back the portal gem. Travel into a mysterious world, find the portal gem and save the world! In our first Live Adventure “Safecreacker – The break-in”, you will travel into a world that looks like a comic. You solve a varierty puzzles throghout the offices of a safe manufacturing company.

 Game duration: 60 minutes

 Number of players: 2-8 players

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Corneliusstraße 63, 40215 Düsseldorf

Corneliusstraße Bus: 732 Tram: 701
Fürstenplatz Tram: 704 707

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Portalstation is a provider for Live Adventure Games in Duesseldorf. Our games take place in unique worlds, that can be travelled to through portals.

A live adventure game is like an adventure or puzzle video game in the real world. Instead of playing on a screen games are played in actual rooms. Your group of players will solve creative puzzles in a thematically designed room. The puzzles are designed to challenge players with different skillsets.

An escape room is a special kind of live adventure game, where the main target is to escape from a room.

Because all our games take place in their own world! The portals in Portalstation will bring you to different worlds with their own rules, interesting characters and a unique style.

For everyone who likes to experience new things and is up for an adventure! The games are designed for groups of 2-8 people. For more information check the game pages.

The games should last about an hour, if you act very cleverly you might finish them faster.

You book a game online and then come over with a group of friends or collegaues. You will get a short introduction before the adventure begins. Then you will step through the portal and have one hour to finish your task by solving puzzles.

The prices depend on the game and size of your group. You can find a pricing overview here.

You can pay via PayPal, credit card or online banking. It is also possible to pay by cash at our site. Companies can pay via invoice. If you prepay online, your booking will be confirmed automatically. Otherwise you will have to wait for a confirmation from us. You can still pay via PayPal for a automatic booking confirmation.

Please try to inform us about changes for bookings beforehand. We will adjust prices if you have not paid already.

We can only cancel bookings that are at least seven days in the future. If you have to cancel a booking during those seven days contact us and we can try to change your booking.

Just send us an E-Mail to or use our contact form. You can reach us via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.